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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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draws big crowds to the jersey shore, next on "action news." draws big crowds to the jersey >> we begin with breaking news tonight. deadly gunfire on south street. you are looking at cellphone video from an action news viewer outside tla near 4 and south. from the air, chopper6hd had another vantage point capturing
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what police say turned out to be the unusual get away car a stretch limousine. friday night, jim is off. i'm monica malpass. and the big story on "action news" is that deadly shooting outside a popular concert venue in the heart of south street night life corridor. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is at the crime scene with the latest on this breaking story, jeff. >> monica, what we know right now a 25-year-old man is dead after he was shot in the midst of a very busy south street behind me. if you take a look it happened outside the tla. you cannot seat theater from this angle. but you can see the large black tour bus that is sitting right in front of it. [ sirens ] viewer video on south street moments after a man was shot as hundreds waited nearby to enter are a rap concert happening just after 8 outside the theater of living arts and police patrolling the area heard a scuffle and so you a man in 20s on the ground shot once in the torso.
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>> it was not a 911 call police officers on patrol in the area observed scuffle and then hard a gun shot. as you can imagine shortly after 8 literally hundreds of people on the sidewalks and traffic is very, very heavy. >> witnesses told police the shooter dressed all in black, got away in a limo. police stopped that limo several blocks away and took occupants in for questioning and police say they also found the gun in a wheel well of car on south american street. as for concert police cancelled it and there's more than 100 still inside the tla including manual white's grand-daughters and daughter. >> i don't think they knew what took place here. until the detectives decide it's okay for them to be released. >> and you're looking at at tour bus rights now. police say three shots were fired. one of those shots went through the windshield.
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two people inside the tour bus at the time are okay. they were not hurt. again hundreds of people on this sidewalk were escort away. the concert cancelled and we're told about 100 still inside waiting to be released after police are finished processing the crime scene a 5-year-old man again dead after being shot in the abdomen. police say he is from philadelphia and has not released his name. as for the occupants of that limo police are not shore at this time whether the suspect, shooter, is one of them. >> we're live on south street, jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news". >> thank you, jeff. >> it may be hard to believe especially with temperatures hitting 93 today, the unofficial end of summer is upon us. and you can bet the "action news" team has coverage for you this labor day holiday weekend. we staked out at the shore and families there enjoying a last dose of sun, surf and sand before the children head back to school. this the scene on the boardwalk of atlantic city. time to cool off with lemonade, ice cream or stroll in tractor-trailer breeze.
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also making memorys with family. and don't forget the city of brotherly love is ready to host a huge event on the parkway this weekend. the made in america concert festival with beyonce. of course you want to know the accuweather outlook for the next three days of course. meteorologist adam joseph is standing by and we begin with trish hartman live from the ocean city boardwalk, hi, trish. >> hi, monica. it's a beautiful night on the boardwalk in ocean city. many folks made their way down to the shore today from ocean city to avalon to stone harbor beachgoers and businesses say they're ready to wrap up their summer with the bang. >> jim mccue whipped air into a batch of vanilla fudge into the original fudge kitchen in stone harbor he said it's like three weekends rolled into one we look forward to it. we don't really look forward to it because tuesday end of summer but we look forward to it because it drives business.
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>> they went to the fudge shop or for eye ice cream. he used the last of daylight to introduce his 12-year-old son scott to surf fishing. >> when i cast, my line goes that way yeah. >> is it fun? >> it's really fun. >> it's going by way too fast. we're trying to pack in memories and fun. >> the rides were packed with kids big and small as play land castaway dmov ocean city and for diana and her thre three-year-old grandson jimmy it's one last chance to enjoy one of the favorite summer spots. >> our last weekend for summer and he's having a good time he's really enjoying himself and got go on favorite ride which is firn join. >> a stroller is favorite ride of twins lee owe and amelia. their first labor day weekend in avalon is kicking off and mom, heidi, says while a vacation with twin it's not always relaxing it is a lot of
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fun. >> it's a lot of work but worth it once you get there. >> now, labor day is a little late this year and so. kids are already back in school. businesses say this past week has been quiet. businesses say they are ready to welcome these crowds with on arms. we're live in ocean city, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news," monica. >> thank you, trish. >> let's switch to meteorologist adam joseph and important holiday weekend forecast from accuweather, hi, adam. >> looking nice no matter where are you especially if you have a drop in humidity. after the day's hot tying high record of 93 in philadelphia and 90 reading allentown and 92 wilmington and many 90s on the board. there ways front north and west and it didn't swing through in time to prevent those temperatures from hitting 90 in the city and it did in trenton and beach haven there. only temperatures in the mid 80s. most high pressure is off to the north and around that high winds wrapping in east, north
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eeshlly direction and temperatures dropping 50s northern new england and 6 botion stone. still warm and muggy in philadelphia of 76 degrees. but also with that high not only is temperature going to drop but the humidity as well. notice dew points in 40s and 5 50s new england and new york city down to 60 which is on the verge of comfortable and still muggy and baltimore and philadelphia give it a few more hours and those numbers will dropch the only thing with the winds wrapping around the high all weekend that water will pileup with northeasterly winds that will be persistent. waves four to five feet. if you head to the shore or are there maybe sure you swim where the lifeguards are on duty and watch for those rip current. when i come back we'll talk about the city, shore, poconos for the weekend in that full accuweather 7-day. >> about busy time, thank you so much. quiet tonight and at this time tomorrow the ben franklin parkway will be packed.
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chopper 6 is okay after organizers of made in america after checking out the sound and it is for two days and on five stages. some of the biggest names in music. of course, one of the biggest, beyonce will take the stage tomorrow. tickets are sold out. >> meantime we have new details tonight on how tickets will be released for the pope's speech at independent engs mall in a few weeks. 10,000 tickets will be made available tuesday noon world meeting of families web site. they're first come severity served with limit of four tickets per person. once the specifics of how those tickets for the partway would be districtsed get the details on 6abc and our special twitter account@6abcpope. >> despite concerns about a smaller crowd than anticipated they used to think it's right on track. it is an extra 35,000 and
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amtrak will be adding a stop in hamilton, new jersey, through an agreement through new jersey transit. >> philadelphia district attorney essential williams will not fire three pretty prosecutors involved in the statewide important email scandal and instead they'll get sensitivity training. it included graphic imables and sometimes racist and stexistist and home owe folkic language. this happened 5 or 6 years ago before three men were employed by the das office it comes back usually during her purgey case. she alleges her skevrt to smos this sand m made her tarring theet. investigation as pay back. >> still to come on "action news" a real pain for children going back to school coming up in "healthcheck" and also they are singing a sad tune. we'll hear from concert goers that thought they were getting back stage tonight at a boy band concert and learned instead they were examined. >> and when some experts is the
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first ever rescue effort of a blue whale. adam. >> 90s invaded much of the mid-atlantic today again. we will break the heat wave this weekend before the next heat wave begins. i'll have those number comesing up in the accuweather. >> eagles draid away one of four quarterbacks and first "high school huddle" of the season is about to kickoff minute away when "action news" season is about to kickoff minute away when "action news" continues tonight
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>> some fandz of the band five second of summer paid good money for what they thought were tickets to back stage instead a disappointment. half a dozen fans bought what they thought were vip for a meet and greet when they got to the gate they were told they had been scammed. >> my mom was talking them for a while. they said it's her 13 birthday and i'm excited and i was. >> they boughttic fretz a web site they thought was associated with the band. live nation tells "action news" it's investigating.
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>> meantime more from delaware newsroom a gang member as soon as soon asked to death for kil killing two people at a associating tournament, two were stuck and killed in the pray pray the bullets. oat is phillips is set to be executed november 17 although appeals are expected. >> rowan county kentucky clerk kim davis said in jail her deputies issued six marriage licenses are to same sex couples. she refused to issue licenses her saevlt. davis plans top appeal the order today's final document get the license today was turned away three times. >> austria and germany will on their borders. it's welcomed new and billing relief for refugees turned away
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and kept in camps at the hungarian border. liters agreed to bus thousands of people to the us tree an border. most are fleeing conflict and pover sti in the middle east. >> nation unemployment rate in u.s. is now at 7 year low. jobless rate fell to 5.1234 sawing and that's at a key level. federal reserve will consider whether deciding to raise interest rates later this month and also concerned hiring slowed a bit. employers added 173,000 jobs. >> and those mixed signals did not help wall street today the dow jones lost 22 points and traders don't like uncertainty. today's job report did not give a clear direction on chance for rate hike and that has potential to slow housing, car sales and overall economy. >> and all right. adam here is here with the all important holiday weekend forecast and we're looking great. >> numbers will drop as well.
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which ain't bad after you had a string of 90s in the binning of september. take a break. 9 0s will be coming back. >> oh, boy. >> as you look at double scan livery dar. peptly scattered downpours and thunderstorms late this afternoon and evening. and at this point, the radar is clear and it will stay that way the entire holiday weekend. high today, 93. that matches old record for the date erin normal 65 and 82 degrees. as we look at first four days in september every day has bee in 90s so far our temperatures running close to 10 1/2 above normal in fact this is rare because it's warmest start to september in philadelphia in 42 years. as we look at numbers everyone basically 70 and 75 with the northeasterly wind and exception in the poconos 67. high pressure anchored deer quebec and norm of burlington,
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vernon odom. we're getting that flow off the ocean. we have low lying clouds aroun around. and solve that low lying cloud cover will be round early, early tomorrow morning but that sunshine surprise really going take control here quickly tomorrow morning and in fact over the next three days. we'll call it holiday perfection. with that high that bubble of high pressure you get sinking air under the high and can't get much in the way of up dravrts in the atmosphere so to speak. no cloud cover over the holiday weekend. the only bad thing about the weekend forecast if you head to the shore is with that wind persistently coming off the water that water will pileup. we have moderate and at times high risk for rip current this weekend and walter is warm as well and you get that easterly wind and pull in that water from the gulf street. it's 7p air temperatures and bright and breezy tomorrow at the shore and hard to keep umbrellas anchored down and 79 on sunday, very beautiful.
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and low humidity labor day 81. and in the poconos 76 saturday, pleasant, 79 on sunday. still sunny. and sunny again here labor day at 82. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 85. low humidity tomorrow. morning clouds. quickly erode. and sunshine in control sunday, monday, humidity stays low as temperatures climb again to near 90 on monday and then we'll kind of marriage the humidity with the heat here tuesday and wednesday when most of the kids go back to school. they'll be sweating if you don't have air conditioning in the school systems, 92 both days. and then we'll try drop below 90 thursday with scattered thunderstorms around. and then much cooler friday, a lot of clouds at 82. again you only need three days of 90 or above consecutively to call it a heat wave. another is on the way. >> thank you so much. >> and well with children going back to school sfoon they have
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not already "healthcheck" at 11 focuses on back packs. a study of fourth and fifth gradeers in ireland one in seven suffers back pain caused from backpack be and shoulder pain. try to limit the backpacks weight to 10% of the child's try to limit the backpacks weight to 10% of the child's weight.
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and busy time with eagle trade trades. >> tebow time. tebow mania. unless for some reason chip kelly decides to keep two quarters back it appears you can buy the number 11 jersey today. eagles traded barkley tebow sealed barkley's fate last night 11-17, 189 yards. two touchdowns one pick and rushed four times for 32 yards and here's what he said after that successful performance. >> i'm not going to quory about what i cannot control. it's a blessing being able to come out here and play the game i love. i try to go out there and do what i'm coached and try to improve every day and compete and you know obviously every time you step out there you want to win. >> final cuts have to be made tomorrow at 4. we may have seen the last of domonic brown. philly outfielder diagnosed with concussion and has to go through major league protocol
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and may miss the rest of the season. peter buchanan with the mets adjusting so he can see this. herrera on his horse. what a grab. in the 7th adam morgan on the hill one run game. and part of a four-run for the sox and phils fall 7-5. james franklin and penn state arrived in philadelphia earlier today. tomorrow's game at the linc sold out. nittany lions have a winning streak over the alls that date back 70 years. pumped they are to play here.a s fans and they get to play at the linc, vet, eew, i don't know. >> it team has not had a chance to play them. they'll play them and i want them to play well. i want them to not have the moment be too big for them. >> and it's friday night coming
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up in a few minutes season opener of "high school huddle", jeff skversky standing by with all the highlight he just walked in the studio and he's got his game face on i'm excited. >> going to be great. >> okay. >> and finally tonight, 3 new affordable homes in port rich monday the women's community revitalization pronlest and local church teamed up to build grace town homes at 2201 east auburn street groundbreaking was today and three and four bedrooms homes and they are rent to own. they'll be finished in fall of rent to own. they'll be finished in fall of 20 16.
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>> the whale is 70 feet long and dragging more tan a football field of fishing line. it's bark. they will need pick up effort again at first light. >> and that's it for tonight. kickoff to the new season of "high school huddle" coming up next. followed by "jimmy kimmel live". i'm monica malpass, have a good nights and now i'm going to throw the football. stay tuned for "high school huddle". stay tuned for "high school huddle". here it goes with a spin
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>> with proper ps next football welcome back to 6abc "high school huddle" presented by gmc. i'm jeff skversky. we're back for another season of highlights and features from the city to the birds few of our local teams won back-to-back titles last year and they're become to defend them in 2015. and they're become to defend them in 2015. huddle kicks off in 6 we're from william tennent high we're from william tennent high school uch watching "high school huddle" on 6abc. school uch watching "high


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